With the passing of the Infrastructure Bill, nonresidential construction is seeing an increase in project demand, meaning more construction companies will likely bid on these projects.

Did you know that when a contractor wins a government-funded prevailing wage project, they earn additional fringe dollars that can be used to subsidize employee benefits such as a 401(k)? And with project demand comes employee demand, and with a construction labor shortage, many employers are looking for ways to implement retirement plans to attract and retain employees.

However, prevailing wage compliance and plan design can be tricky business, and very few providers know how to adequately address the needs of government contractors.

That’s where Beneco steps in. With 35 years of experience addressing the unique needs of the construction industry under our belts, some even call us the prevailing wage experts!

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“Partnering with Beneco brings me a level of expertise and efficiency in the Davis-Bacon benefits space that is unavailable anywhere else.”

​~Mike Chadwick, Principal, Chadwick Financial Advisors

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​~ Chuck Swan, Founder, CDS Insurance