Construction Worker needs a Medical Plan

Get This: Medical

  • Construction workers are more than 2x more likely to be uninsured than the national average.​
  • Less than half of employers in the construction industry provide medical coverage.
  • ​Not only are these workers exposed, but many of their employers are too, given the mandate imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

We are out to change this and save you money along the way.

Insured workers
Healthier workers
More dedicated workers​

Workers who are extremely or very satisfied with their employer’s benefits program are 9x more likely to stay with their employer than those who are dissatisfied.

Use tax-free fringe dollars to pay medical premiums for your workers or to help them pay for co-pays and deductibles through our unique HRA program. Oh, and save up to 8 – 10% on your payroll costs along the way.

“Some of my contractor clients were struggling to control their payroll and healthcare costs. Beneco’s solutions not only allowed them to better control these costs, but afforded the companies significant savings in payroll, general insurance, and workers compensation premiums. They are so pleased to have partnered up with Beneco, and so am I.”

~ Andy Teeter

Andy Teeter Testimonial

Use fringes to get better and more flexible
medical benefits at affordable rates.

Our benefits platform allows you to use fringe dollars to access
top-notch health insurance for your workers to keep them healthy and dedicated.

For Contractors Only

We only work with contractors, and have for 30 years. This matters because administering a prevailing wage plan isn't easy. We have built our platform - our compliance capabilities, investment options, and participant resource center - with your unique needs in mind.

Carrier Agnostic

If you are looking to secure the best coverage at the lowest rates, our flexible, carrier-neutral platform allows us to shop across many carriers to find the right solution for you.

Premium Reserve

If you are a public works contractor that is concerned with interruptions in insurance coverage due to seasonal work, have no fear. Our Premium Reserve Accounting System helps prevent lapses in coverage by allowing you to bank premium dollars.

Administration in One Place

We handle the administration of your medical plan soup-to-nuts, from handling employee eligibility, to the processing of monthly premium and resolution of billing issues, to executing Form 5500s.

Customizable Medical Benefits

We offer an array of health and welfare solutions, including major medical, HRA, dental, vision, disability, and the list goes on.

Stay Compliant

Many rules and regulations come along with prevailing wage plans. Our compliance department works hard to ensure every plan stays compliant.

Are you a contractor looking to keep your workers healthy and happy, and save your business money?

Pleased to meet you. ​You’ve come to the right place.

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