Fact:Retirement Solutions

Only 34% of construction workers are participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Yet, according to a Payscale study, the most desired benefits among construction workers are retirement benefits.


A unique 3-in-1 Retirement Plan.

Developed exclusively for contractors, it empowers you to attract, reward, and retain workers, and help them build a prosperous financial future where they may not otherwise have one. Oh, and it can help you save money at the same time.



We bring great investment options to you and your workers.

flexPATH is the first custom target date solution with multiple glidepaths based on your risk tolerance, as well as both index and index+ management styles. 

flexPATH makes top-shelf investments (options usually only available to large employers) available to you.


“We have a really good core group of guys that are loyal and will fight for our company. We’ve got to return that back to them and treat them the way that they need to be treated with the respect and dignity of really caring about them. That’s what we try to do as a company. Its really important to provide that security in retirement for the guys out in the field.”

​~ Tom R, President, Champion Electric


Lower your payroll expense.
Save more and save better for your own retirement.
Everyone wins.

For those contractors that do substantial prevailing wage work, we can also use this unique 3-in-1 Retirement Plan and our compliance expertise to help you maximize tax-deferred contributions to your own retirement plan.


Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered.
End-to-end. Top-to-bottom.

Our best-in-class retirement platform was built especially for contractors like you to help you reduce cost, save more and save better, and stay compliant.

For Contractors Only

We only work with contractors, and have for 30 years. This matters because administering a prevailing wage plan isn't easy. We have built our platform - our compliance capabilities, investment options, and participant resource center - with your unique needs in mind.

Best-of-Breed Partners

We have partnered with retirement industry leaders like NFP and Newport to bring you a Cadillac retirement platform in a retirement world littered with Pintos. But we coordinate with them on your behalf so you still only have one number to call.

Make Your Life Easy

You have a single point of contact to make your life easy. Behind the scenes, we are organized into client teams who know you and your plan, which ensures great coordination, ease-of-use, and a level of service quality that leaves you saying “WOW!”

Top-Notch Investments

We're bringing institutional grade investment capabilities to the average worker. Through our partnership with NFP, you'll have a team of 10 investment experts with 120+ years of combined expertise who are working on your behalf to design and monitor a lineup of top-notch investment options for you and your workers.

Fiduciary Protection

We offer a level of fiduciary protection that you may not be getting with your other provider. Through our arrangements with NFP and Newport, we share in fiduciary responsibility and help mitigate your fiduciary liability. We'll keep you compliant.


By combining a a best-in-class 401(k) plan, a fringe dollar-funded prevailing wage plan, and a unique discretionary key employee bonus program into one unified plan, you save time and reduce administrative and payroll costs... in a way that a plain vanilla 401(k) simply cannot.

Peace of mind. At your workers’ fingertips.

Our easy-to-use employee portal puts your workers’ financial security at their fingertips. And our Participant Resource Center is just a phone call away if they need help.

Our employer portal allows you and your staff to keep a handle on your company’s retirement benefits all in one place, saving you time, and making your lives easier.

Are you a contractor looking to create a more secure and prosperous financial future for yourself and your workers?

We can help. ​Let’s talk.

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