Who we are — A team pursuing this mission since 1987.

Who We Are Timeline

As we’ve grown, our relationships with contractors, workers, and partners have grown too. Who We Are

Our story started much like yours probably did: with a family who had a vision… to earn an honest living and create a legacy, in this case by bringing unique employee benefit programs to the contractor industry.

Fueled by a mission to help public works contractors to build their businesses while taking care of their own future and that of their valued employees, Beneco grew steadily over the years by staying true to some important core principles: stick to what we know, and know our stuff better than anyone; take care of our clients as if they were part of our family; and do the right thing at every turn.

We are proud of the impact that we have had over the last 30 years

We have partnered with over 1,000 contractors

We have served clients across all 50 states

We have helped over 70,000 workers to have a more secure and prosperous life

These workers have contributed over $1.5B to our unique benefit solutions

We are values-led

Our core values are everything to us. They guide how we behave, how we make decisions, who we hire, and the standard that we hold ourselves to. They represent what our clients and partners can expect in working with Beneco.

People Matter

People Matter

Treating individuals with respect and appreciation on a personal level shows People Matter. We’re trained to see any question or solution through the eyes of our clients.

quality first

Quality First

We are a group of committed & talented individuals who play together as a high-performance unit, with a positive attitude & a strong sense of shared responsibility for winning as a team. Our unity is our strength.


Integrity Always

Here, we hold our associates to the highest ethical standards. We aim to earn and build trust with our clients and partners by delivering on our promises. We believe that doing what’s right every time ensures fair results.

Our Core Values in Action

We believe in something we call PeopleFirst.

We believe that the key to our success is working with, learning from, and developing exceptional people. We call this philosophy PeopleFirst. We can only take care of our clients well if we take care of our own people first.

Abel Betancourt

Call Center Representative

Anna Lehman

Marketing Manager

Bea Xiong

Retirement Plan Consultant

Betty Choate

Client Solutions Manager

Betty Ueke

Senior Compliance Consultant

Carter King

Trade Specialist

Chris Carter

Client Success Transition Manager

Chris Walton

West Coast Sales Consultant

Corey Roland

Benefits Administrator

Dee Kratz

Director of Compliance

Emily Feins

Internal Sales Consultant

Emma Mejia

Director of Operations

Jason Sperfslage

Director of Sales

Jennie Bryson

West Coast Sales Consultant

John Wiyual

Senior Retirement Plan Consultant

Katie Lara

Director of Account Management

Kristy Bryson

Chief Executive Officer

Liz Garcia

Benefits Administrator

Maricarmen Gaona

Participant Services Associate

Michelle McFeters

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Mike Mullen

East Coast Sales Consultant

Noemi Vidal

Account Manager

Noemi Vidal

Account Manager

Priscilla Mancilla

Operations Support Specialist

Sam Groves

Internal Sales Consultant

Samantha Royle

Compliance Manager

Sara Villalobos

Compliance Associate

Todd Kikol, CIMA®

East Coast Sales Consultant