Celebrating the construction industry at the ABC Convention in Kissimmee

Celebrating the Construction Industry at the ABC Convention

Mike and Todd at ABC Convention
Mike and Todd Representing Beneco

March 15-17, construction business owners from around the country descended on Kissimmee, Florida, for the three-day ABC Convention. This year’s conference was touted as the one-stop shop for the latest construction industry insights, featuring inspiring keynote speakers, panel discussions with industry experts, student and craft competitions, and networking events.

Management Strategies for the Construction Industry

Experienced leaders from different companies shared their insights on how to build successful teams and promote collaboration between departments. They also discussed how to approach difficult conversations with employees about performance issues or miscommunications on job sites. Construction owners and managers sometimes need help to remain organized and efficient without losing their cool. Presenters provided different strategies for staying organized, such as setting realistic goals for projects and breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable ways. In addition, there were some great tips on using data and analytics to manage projects better and ensure that budgets stay within expected ranges.

ABC Convention Craft CompetitionSafety & Compliance

Safety and compliance were other major topics discussed at the ABC Convention this year. With changes in regulations constantly happening across different states, it can take a lot of time for business owners to keep up with them. However, presenters provided resources to help contractors stay informed about new rules and remain compliant while delivering quality services or products to their customers. Attendees also learned ways to improve safety protocols on job sites so that workers stay safe while doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Advances in Technology

You can’t talk about the future of the construction industry without recognizing how new technologies are changing the construction industry. For instance, drones are now being used to survey land and inspect buildings without putting workers in potentially hazardous positions. New software programs are making it easier than ever for contractors to keep track of their projects from start to finish, and 3D printing is becoming a more viable option for creating prototypes or even finished products for certain types of construction jobs. Throughout the conference and exhibit hall, it was apparent that new technologies could help all contractors become more efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

Speakers shared so many great insights over all three days of the conference. Through their insights, attendees were able to learn about new technologies and strategies for improving efficiency and safety standards in their businesses, as well as network with other professionals in their field. All in all, this year’s convention was a great experience, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year in Kissimmee!