Workers who are extremely or very satisfied with their employer’s benefits program are 9x more likely to stay with their employer

We have spent 35 years building turnkey prevailing wage solutions and an HR platform to meet the unique needs of contractors and their workers

The HR and benefits needs of contractors are unique and complex, especially those who work on prevailing wage projects. But have no fear: we have focused on one thing for the last 35 years… building prevailing wage solutions and an HR service platform that is catered to the unique challenges and opportunities that contractors face.


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When contractors call us, it’s usually for a few reasons…

To save money.

Federal and state laws have been put into place to encourage you to provide your employees with better benefits. Take advantage of them and save up to 10% on your labor costs.

To bid more competitively.

Lower labor costs will give you a competitive edge. Win more jobs by being able to bid more competitively.

To attract & reward employees.

Construction workers who are extremely or very satisfied with their employers’ benefits programs are 9x more likely to stay with their employer. Keep your employees by keeping them happy.

To maximize their own financial security.

Our unique 3-in-1 plan design & strategies can help business owners make greater tax-deferred contributions to their own retirement savings. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

To stay compliant.

Compliance is critical to keeping your costs down and ensuring you can run your business without distractions. We have 30 years of experience giving our clients peace-of-mind.

To increase efficiency.

Benefits administration can be expensive, complicated, and time consuming and can distract you from what you do best. Simplify your life with our fully-bundled turnkey solution, with only one number to call.

We don’t do it alone.

We partner with only the best to bring you one turnkey solution.

By partnering with the best-of-breed providers in critical areas, we have built a Cadillac benefits platform for contractors. These partnerships give you access to the best investment products, institutional-grade investment management, the highest level of fiduciary protection, and leading compliance and payroll service and technology… but we’ve packaged it up so you still have only ​one number to call.

So why have over 1,000 contractors chosen Beneco?

Other than the fact that construction and prevailing wage are in our blood… and besides the fact that we have assembled an all-star team of benefits and HR professionals… our clients tend to choose Beneco for several reasons (so they tell us):

35 Years and Counting

Prevailing wage benefits isn’t easy business. For the past 35 years, we have focused exclusively on serving the unique needs of contractors, and have a level of expertise in prevailing wage that few do.

Real Outcomes

We can help contractors to save money, build their business, and take care of their valuable workers... all at the same time. We can prove it.

One Number to Call

We partner with best-of-breed service providers, but through our team-based approach, handle all of the coordination for you & give you one number to call to make your life easy.

We're Built on Strong Values

We believe in Unleashing Heros, OneTeam, Growth, Delivering ``WOW!``, and Giving Back. Our values are the foundation on which we're building our own business.